Riverside USD’s Transition to Virtual Learning

For 17 years Joe Barney worked at Riverside Unified School District (RUSD), leading the technology department. Barney was essential in getting the school district the funds and resources to provide the technology they needed to succeed.






Joe Barney’s trust in Hayes’ inventory management software, is a major reason as to why the school was able to transition so successfully, he states; “Having a good online inventory system using software to track devices is one of the most important things you can do” TIPWeb-IT’s inventory management software allowed RUSD to barcode its inventory and then link that barcode number to various student. This inventory control system enabled Joe and his team to ensure that there were always enough devices for students, even when other devices were being repaired, and as students moved in and out of the school district.

Though Joe Barney retired in December of 2019, well before schools moved to an online learning environment. His work as IT Director created the foundation to allow RUSD to survive the pandemic and keep 3,000 students learning virtually.

Check out the full article on Toggle to see how Joe Barney set his school district up to successfully transition to virtual learning.

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