Second Largest District in Washington, Spokane Public Schools, Chooses TIPWeb-IT to Manage Assets

Spokane Public Schools LogoFebruary 12, 2019 – Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IT asset management system was selected by Spokane Public Schools, the second largest school district in Washington state. The district-wide solution will optimize inventory processes across 47 campuses to support the district’s 30,000 students.

Prior to selecting Hayes’ industry-leading solution, Spokane had an asset management system in place but experienced challenges with limited functionality and inconsistent usage by staff. Spokane PS evaluated asset management solutions through RFI (Request for Information) and selected the TIPWeb-IT system for its breadth and depth of functionality available to support their evolving and unique K-12 asset management processes.

With the implementation of TIPWeb-IT, Spokane will have a comprehensive view of their inventory lifecycle and will establish consistent, unified inventory processes to improve data reliability. Inventory will be managed in a centralized system, giving department administrators control over asset inventory records and user access, creating transparency down to the school building level

A leading initiative for Spokane in the coming years is the expansion of their 1:1 student device initiative. With the district-wide implementation of TIPWeb-IT, district administrators will be able to efficiently manage the movement, assignment, and status of tens of thousands of devices. Integration with their student information system and other business systems will further streamline processes by eliminating duplicate data entry of student information and purchasing data, including special funding sources like Title I, eRate, etc.

Spokane is dedicated to a successful district-wide implementation of TIPWeb-IT and will adopt a train-the-trainer model to ensure consistent usage of the application. District staff will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to administer TIPWeb-IT training and ensure long-term adoption of the system as staff and internal processes change.

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