Second Largest School District in South Carolina, Charleston County School District, Chooses TIPWeb-IT for Asset Management

August 16, 2018  Charleston County School District (CCSD), the second largest school district in South Carolina and 109th largest in the U.S., has selected TIPWeb-IT to streamline their asset management. The district-wide implementation will standardize inventory control processes across 85 campuses to serve their 50,000 students more efficiently.

Previously, CCSD’s assets were managed in disparate systems, creating inconsistencies in inventory data and processes. At the district, assets were tracked in MUNIS, their fixed asset system, while campuses managed their inventory in individual spreadsheets. This disconnect made it challenging to compile comprehensive reports, especially those required for assets purchased with funding sources like E-Rate, Title 1, and Race to the Top funds. In addition, the district lacked an efficient way to hold students accountable for their assigned inventory, causing CCSD to limit their 1:1 initiative, allowing students at only two of their 85 schools to take devices home.

Recognizing the importance of providing all students with the ability to utilize technology efficiently outside of the classroom, CCSD was focused on identifying the right tools to improve accountability. After submitting an RFP to identify the best asset management solution, the district selected TIPWeb-IT due to Hayes’s focus on K-12 and experience working with large school districts including Chicago Public Schools, Houston ISD and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District.

Designed to support the unique needs of K-12, TIPWeb-IT will centralize and standardize asset management processes district-wide while allowing campuses to maintain autonomy over their inventory. Integrations with MUNIS, PowerSchool SIS, JAMF, and Google Console will further streamline workflows by facilitating information flow between those systems and TIPWeb-IT. CCSD plans to expand their 1:1 take home program using TIPWeb-IT to manage the assignment, location, and history of 1:1 assets. With TIPWeb-IT’s robust reporting features, CCSD can report on any details tracked in the system, including funding source, audit details, and assignment history.

To ensure a successful implementation, Hayes’s consulting services team will partner with CCSD to identify process improvements, develop policies and procedures documentation, and recommend strategies to manage this transition. District staff will receive comprehensive training with a Train-the-Trainer model to sustain product knowledge despite staff turnover. By ensuring staff are comfortable using the system and understand their responsibilities and expectations, CCSD will increase user adoption of TIPWeb-IT and as a result, see a swifter return on their investment.

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