TIPWeb-IT Model End of Life Reporting Feature

This summer, you’re hard at work getting ready for the upcoming school year, and we’re hard at work rolling out new updates that make TIPWeb-IT  even better. Last week, we released a new enhancement that enables staff-led classroom inventory checks.

This week we’ve added a new Model End of Life Reporting feature designed to help your district plan for asset end of service and replacement. Chromebooks have and continue to dominate the K-12 education market and ensuring the devices used in the classroom everyday are receiving device updates is not only relevant but crucial.



New Model End of Life Reporting Feature

TIPWeb-IT now has a built-in reporting feature to help you accurately forecast the upcoming technology needs for your district. Each device has a model end of life, when the manufacturer or service provider stops supporting, updating, or selling that product, and with this new report, you can properly plan ahead for when you’ll need to allocate funds for a technology refresh. Quickly see those assets approaching their end of life date by day, month and year as well as those that have passed their date.

All product enhancements to TIPWeb-IT were once just the ideas of our K-12 customers until they’ve been shared  with our product development team. This new feature came to our attention after connecting with Jason Genovese, Director – IT Operations, Assets and Budget from Garland Independent School District.

In attempts to explore the functionality, I have configured a couple model end-of-life dates for a couple different

Chromebook models in my product catalog.  These follow Google’s Auto Update Policy (their Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date). The intent is to be able to proactively report and plan for replacement of Google Chromebooks, as they relate to their AUE date.

The AUE date is the date at which these devices will no longer be supported with updates from Google, and become a support or threat risk to our environment.


Google’s Auto Update Expiration Policy

Your Chromebooks, iPads, and other valuable assets all have an expiration date. This is when the device will no longer receive updates and falls behind in industry compatibility which makes staff and students vulnerable to interruptions in teaching and learning.

Sometimes those deals on older chrome devices that are resold, refurbished, or “new” might help your district get devices in the classroom now. The only problem? Google might stop releasing software updates for that model in less than two years. The clock starts ticking the day a Chromebook is released by the manufacturer, not the day that you buy it. Your district can continue to use a Chromebook after it reaches its Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date but without any new updates you’re not guaranteed to receive the latest security patches or new features as they become available.

Google doesn’t commit to supporting aging hardware indefinitely and neither should your district. Weighing the cost-benefit and understanding those service end dates will help you make more cost-effective purchases, saving your district money and hassle in the long run. Monitor when devices will become susceptible to risk so you can look ahead and prevent interruptions to your staff and students. With the newest report enhancement to TIPWeb-IT, you can get a clear picture of what’s ahead for your district’s devices.

Remember that we’re here to support you while you lead the inventory revolution, one classroom at a time. Contact us to learn how end of life reporting can enable your district to plan ahead.


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TIPWeb-IT is built for K-12 education. Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets with a solution that gives you confidence in your inventory data, and with the newest update to TIPWeb-IT, you can forecast for the future even more. Prevent disruptions to teaching and learning with new model end of life reporting.



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