TIPWeb-IT 10.3 Release

The team at Hayes Software Systems is optimizing how TIPWeb-IT works for you! We are excited to roll out new features that allow your district administrators even further control and oversight.

Release Features

  • Customized Collection Receipt – Email to parent/student and digital signature: Customized collection receipts allows technicians and administrators to create a collection receipt for staff and students. These customizable reports can be signed, saved, and sent to individual staff members or students.
  • Purchasing: Import Quantity Increase and Product Line Merging
  • Transfers: Note Management (History, Edit, Delete)
  • District Settings: Restrict from Reconciling District Initiated Audits
  • Catalog: Inventory Quantity Added to Grid Column
  • Quick Collect: Lost and Stolen Status Options Added
  • Scalable Reports Server to manage large report queries

About TIPWeb-IT


TIPWeb-IT is built for K-12 education. Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets with a solution that gives you confidence in your inventory data, and with the newest update to TIPWeb-IT, you can forecast for the future even more. Prevent disruptions to teaching and learning with new model end of life reporting.

Remember that we’re here to support you while you support your district and ultimately empower educators.

Contact us to learn how TIPWeb-IT can empower your district.

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