Tucson Unified School District Selects TIPWeb-IT Software for Asset Management

August 4, 2015 – Tucson Unified School District, the second largest school district in Arizona and 71st largest in the U.S., has selected Hayes Software Systems’ TIPWeb-IT for asset inventory management. This comprehensive district-wide solution will be implemented across the K-12 school system’s 94 school locations to benefit approximately 50,000 students and 3,700 staff.

Through a competitive RFP process, Tucson Unified selected TIPWeb-IT, a system tailored specifically to the needs of K-12 districts, because it will allow them to accurately and efficiently track the location and status of over 26,000 district-owned assets. It will give Tucson Unified the ability to asset tag and inventory the life-cycle of assets, like laptops and fine arts instruments, that don’t have a place in their current fixed asset system.

Unlike Tucson Unified’s former inventory processes, which required manual, time intensive, and inefficient processes, TIPWeb-IT will enable district administrators and support staff to record, track, and report on their inventory quickly and easily. Furthermore, the district is looking forward to having real-time district oversight of their assets. Previously assets were tracked in multiple disparate inventory spreadsheets, which led to data inconsistencies and campus confusion over where to track inventory. TIPWeb-IT will allow for inventory oversight at both the district and campus level in a secure, web-based tool, while also providing the accessibility needed to meet the goal of reducing losses in the district.

The final implementation will also include strategic system interfaces with Tucson Unified’s ERP system. Purchase order details for new inventory will automatically load into the TIPWeb-IT application. Staff will record the asset ID, serial number, and assigned school building directly to TIPWeb-IT with the capability to record delivery and receipt details. For those fixed assets managed in TIPWeb-IT, changes to building location or life-cycle status (lost, stolen, recycled, used for parts, etc.) will be reported to the district nightly and update the corresponding fixed asset system records.

“We’re extremely proud to have been chosen by Tucson Unified School District as their inventory management partner,” says Matt Winebright, CEO and President at Hayes Software Systems. “Our solutions are a great match to what Tucson Unified wants to accomplish, and we are excited to work hand-in-hand with them.”

About Hayes Software Systems

By incorporating respected methodologies with the unique needs of education professionals for over 24 years, Hayes helps over 5,800 schools across 38 states (including 25 of the top 100 largest districts in the country) implement inventory control solutions.

Hayes is a privately held company specializing in inventory automation solutions and consulting services to support K-12 instructional technology and instructional material accountability. While primarily servicing K-12 school systems, Hayes also has customers in higher education, state agencies, and government entities. For more information, visit www.hayessoft.com.

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