Physical Inventory Services for K-12

Don’t Be Left to Count Your Own Devices

Gain Confidence in Your Inventory Data 

Gain confidence in your inventory data and establish a baseline of the assets and materials you own by conducting a physical inventory auditHayes’ inventory services sets your schools up for a quick and easy physical audit of all assets and instructional materials in a fraction of the time it would typically take your team. 

Integrate Inventory Data into TIPWeb 

Our team of experts will perform a physical audit of all assets in your school district, updating data in your TIPWeb system. As a result, you’ll reduce losses, hold students and staff accountable, and save both time and money. Elevate your inventory control platform with data you can be confident in, so you know what assets you have, where they are, and how they are being used. By outsourcing inventory services, you can increase overall productivity, data accuracy, and save staff time 

Save Time & Hassle 

The team will go wall-to-wall  to locate and identify all assets or instructional materials. Quality control checkpoints in the process ensure thorough and accurate deliverables. Upon completion, we provide you with accurate data in your inventory software platform. This process affords you the ability to reduce losses, hold students and staff accountable, and save both time and money. 


Conducting a routine physical inventory is essential. Losses can cost enormous amounts of money and time; the disorganization can result in vulnerability or losing track of categorically funded assets. Manual data tracking leads to errors and other logistical nightmares that your team cannot affordYour administrators already have limited bandwidth. Outsource inventory services and let us do the hard work for you, free your team to spend time and energy doing what really matters: enabling educators and students to teach and learn.  

“In districts that have been without inventory for 2+ years, we’re seeing as high as 40%-50% of assets that we’re finding are new to the district.”

- Mike Moss of ProBar

“I can tell you exactly how many assets my district has and their total value.”

- Nick DePauw, Director of Information Technology, Patterson USD (CA)

“We entertained the idea of taking the inventory ourselves for a long time, and I am so glad we didn’t.”

- Michelle Wylie, Accountant, Lockhart ISD (TX)

With Physical Inventory Services, Your School District Can:

Gain confidence in your school’s inventory data and establish a baseline inventory of your assets and materials 

Integrate the most updated information directly into your inventory control platform 

Save your team the time and hassle of coordinating and executing an exhaustive audit 

Start fresh by planning your school district’s upcoming inventory today.