Scalable Solutions for Schools

K-12’s #1 Expert Creates Tools for Schools of Any Size

Customizable Solutions that Scale with You 

Hayes Software Systems has been supporting school districts of all sizes with customizable asset management solutions since 1990. Each school district’s needs are unique and different, and we customize solutions for each of them.  

Accessible Tools for Any School District 

Hayes supports over 10,000 schools across the nation. Schools of any size can access these tools, with special pricing tailored for enrollment with under 5,000 students, automating time consuming processes with barcode and RFID technology. 

Build Your Platform with Solutions Designed Just for K-12 

There is no one-size-fitsall solution for K-12 school districts, which is why we tailor a unique platform that meets your specific needs. With technology solutions designed to support the educationHayes is here to provide tools that support teaching and learning, no matter the enrollment of your school.  

From rural communities to densely populated metro areas, we support school districts anywhere and everywhere. The smallest enrollment we support is 100 and the largest is 387,000 It is our mission to support educators like you, and we believe that our solutions should be available and accessible. Contact us today to learn how we customize and scale our products to fit your needs.  
Unlimited Users 

Support an unlimited amount of users 

Unlimited Support 

Unlimited customer support to ensure you reach your goals 

Unlimited Assets 

Track as many or as few assets as needed 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hayes serves customers across the US.

We look forward to talking to you about your inventory management goals and how we can help.