6 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About – Part Three: Procurement Systems

By Jessica Zaleski Welcome to part three of our six part series on inventory system integration trends, where we will discuss how your procurement system and inventory management system can complement each other and save your district time, effort, and money. The other parts in our series address systems management, fixed asset, help desk, cash management, and network management systems.  Check back… Read More

How Inventory Management Software Saved Our 1:1 Initiative

By Jessica Zaleski It’s my job as the Chromebook Coordinator for Neosho R-5 School District to ensure our 1,400 students have a device in their hands when the bell rings. Our 1:1 program with Chromebooks, specifically the Leonovo Thinkpad X131e, started off difficult because we spent valuable staff time and resources managing devices across our 10 campuses using an inventory… Read More

Education Code Requirements 101: California Code Section 35168

By Jessica Zaleski Staying up-to-date on every education code can be a hefty task—and staying compliant can be even more challenging. With that in mind, we’ll be interpreting important education codes that apply to your inventory management strategies and supplying the information you need to meet the requirements. This week, we’ll review California’s Education Code Section 35168. What Does the… Read More

6 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About – Part Two: Systems Management Software

By Jessica Zaleski In part two of our six-part series on inventory system integration trends, we will discuss ways your systems management and inventory management software can be valuable complements to each other by helping reduce manual data entry and increase information transparency of laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Others systems we’ll be addressing in our series include purchasing, fixed… Read More

3 Inventory Management Onboarding Best Practices From District Textbook Coordinators

By Jessica Zaleski Making sure your district inventory management procedures are followed starts at the beginning of the year. The first few weeks of the school year are the perfect time to help your new inventory management employees understand your district’s culture and your expectations as a textbook coordinator. To start the year off on the right foot, we recommend you… Read More

5 Inventory Management Implementation Tips Straight From Tyler ISD’s Instructional Technology Specialist

By Jessica Zaleski An effective inventory management system can automate processes and result in more accurate data, improved staff satisfaction, and more efficient buying. Getting to that place is dependent on having clean data and coordinated processes, which can be difficult with legacy systems and piecemeal procedures. The key to success is effectively making the move from those antiquated tracking… Read More

5 End of School Year Tips for Successful Textbook Inventory Management

By Jessica Zaleski As the semester winds down, school district instructional materials coordinators begin looking ahead to their end of year processes. With everything that your campuses need to complete this time of year, you may start to feel overwhelmed about getting your coordinators to quickly accomplish these processes. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of best practices that… Read More

6 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About – Part One: Help Desk

By Jessica Zaleski Welcome to part one of a six part series about inventory system integration trends! There are opportunities to increase the accuracy of inventory information accessible by district- and school-level staff simply by interfacing systems like your purchasing, fixed asset, systems management, help desk, cash management, and network management that may all hold valuable asset data. In this installment, we'll… Read More

Barcodes: Necessary Feature or Textbook Inventory Management Roadblock?

By Jessica Zaleski There are important situations where barcode scanning is an important feature for your inventory management solution. In a school where textbooks are individually assigned to students or teachers, it is critical for accountability to have the capability to identify each individual book and its “owner” by the unique barcode number. This link means that when materials are… Read More

Quick Guide to E-Rate 2.0 Compliance for Schools

By Jessica Zaleski E-Rate 2.0 is here, and there are some important changes that might help you and your district provide broadband connectivity to your students and increase the reach of digital learning in your classrooms. For those of you not familiar, let’s begin with a quick overview of what E-Rate is. Then we’ll dive into some of the details about… Read More