5 Tips to Protect Your Inventory Management Program from the Summer Slide

By Adam Rosenfield You spent the year working toward tracking and managing your inventory more efficiently. You saw where changes in your policies and procedures have worked, audits were conducted on time, and loss rates are decreasing. But if you don’t pay attention to your inventory during the summer, all of the progress you made during the year could be… Read More

Make Your Life Easier as an Inventory Manager [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Sara Arthrell In recent years, the influx of technology devices and instructional materials into school districts has changed the roles and responsibilities of an inventory manager. Effectively managing an accurate inventory presents its own set of unique challenges as schools strategize how to buy more with less time, money, and resources. Typically we see inventory managers wearing many hats… Read More

The Dangers of a Homegrown Inventory Management System at Your School District

By Adam Rosenfield You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your homegrown inventory management system. You built it because your district didn’t find existing software that met your unique needs. However, while the advantages of a custom-designed system can be alluring at first, the risks and costs over time exceed the initial benefits. Many districts today are replacing their homegrown… Read More

Measuring Inventory Management Effectiveness: 5 Metrics You Need to Track

By Sara Arthrell With the influx of technology at your campuses each year, it’s crucial to measure how effective your processes are for managing these devices rather than just assuming your policies are working. Each decision you make should be informed by data, and the result of these efforts should be cataloged for future reference. When managing an asset inventory… Read More

What Your District Needs to Know About Property Insurance

By Adam Rosenfield Are you prepared if a major disaster hits your school district? Your district is full of valuables within the walls of each building, millions of dollars’ worth of assets and materials. So if a disaster strikes, knowing exactly what you have could save your district a lot of money. The first thing you’ll need to do if… Read More

4 Tips for Making the Most of Your IMA Funds

By Jessica Zaleski If you’re an instructional materials coordinator in Texas, you know how important IMA funds* are when it comes to getting your students the materials they need to succeed. And you also know that sometimes working with your IMA funds can be a little overwhelming.… Read More

Understanding California’s Williams Settlement Textbook Requirements

A Look at How the Williams Settlement Affects Print and Digital Instructional Materials By Adam Rosenfield & Morgane Le Marchand At Hayes, we understand how education laws affect your inventory management strategies. The Williams Settlement, a law passed in California back in 2004 helped to change the game for students and school districts, enabling more students to have access to… Read More

EDGAR: What You Need to Know

By Jessica Zaleski There are a lot of rules to remember when it comes to EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations), and you particularly care about how this impacts inventory and technology. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released new regulations in December of 2014 that affected EDGAR. In short, EDGAR is a structure that is used to ensure… Read More

Is Your District Ready for These 2016 Education Trends?

By Adam Rosenfield 2015 was a year celebrating milestones in educational technology. According to Audrey Watters, who runs the website HackEducation, this past year was the 25th anniversary of the first one-to-one laptop program (at the Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne, Australia), and the fifteenth anniversary of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, which made Maine the first state in the USA to provide laptops… Read More

How Hayes Helps: Technology Directors

TIPWeb inventory control solutions provide access to the right data, at the right time to aid in the decision making process. TIPWeb-IT Asset Management Solution Ensure your district has the infrastructure required to manage future technology initiatives by implementing a centralized inventory control system for IT assets. Manage the entire life cycle of items for long-term investment budgeting:  utilize damage… Read More