5 Best Practices We’ve Learned From District Textbook Coordinators

By Jessica Zaleski We recently had the pleasure of joining a group of district-level textbook coordinators for a user group meeting in Virginia. Attended by TIPWeb-IM users from North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, these textbook coordinators (whose districts range in size from 15 campuses to 150) shared their best ideas and practices that help them manage their inventories. They also collaborated on… Read More

5 Questions to Evaluate Your District’s Inventory Management Capabilities

By Anna Maxin Transferring, assigning, auditing and budgeting for instructional initiatives is a district-wide, all building, all department challenge.  Think of a typical school day. Assets are moving from room to room, person to person, and even building to building – How do school and department inventory spreadsheets and district financial asset systems keep up? Districts across the country are… Read More

Three Reasons Why Library Style Inventory Control Doesn’t Work for Textbooks

By Anna Maxin Providing the best possible learning environment for students is the primary objective of the 21st century classroom.  To accomplish this, schools must increase the effectiveness of every dollar spent on providing this educational experience.  Unfortunately, not all textbook inventory systems align with this goal and can unnecessarily increase the workload and cost for schools and districts. An efficient textbook… Read More

The Key to Effective Textbook Management? Clear Policies and Procedures

By Anna Maxin When it comes to managing instructional materials, it takes a team of people to keep everything running smoothly - especially with the many tasks this staff is responsible for. School districts are actively seeking opportunities to simplify processes, improve communication, and increase the accuracy of information used for decision making; all while being budget minded.  Furthermore, school systems… Read More

4 Textbook Management Requirements Every District Should Have

By Anna Maxin Let’s face it: managing district instructional materials isn't a one person job. When every district is employing the motto “do more with less”, effectively managing your district instructional material purchases is crucial to both your bottom line and student success. Trying to accomplish that with your existing staff can be challenging without proper organization. It’s important to… Read More

3 Decisions to Make Before Implementing Inventory Automation Software

By Anna Maxin Automating your physical inventory processes utilizing an enterprise software solution can seem like a daunting task.  Although we make the process as painless as possible (see our Services Experience Infographic), inventory automation can require a significant amount of initial work. In order to guarantee success there are three key decisions to make before you kick off the project.… Read More